As an avid traveler and global citizen, Marjan explores art, food, language, and culture where ever she visits. Immersing herself in new experiences is second nature, and she loves empowering women to take creative risks. We are all souls having human experiences and her directive is to create soul empowerment by bringing lightness and joy to the world. She sees life as a spiritual journey that allows us to endlessly reinvent ourselves. Through Maison 38 Marjan creates experiences that encompass touch, taste, sound, sight and movement for all to savor.

Marjan has always felt a deep connection to hummingbirds. During a difficult period in her relationship, a hummingbird flew into her kitchen and began panicking at the idea of being trapped in her home. Marjan pacified the bird and lead her outside to freedom. Seeing the hummingbird bird glide happily away represented Marjan’s independence and desire to explore. Like a hummingbird Marjan is seemingly tireless, actively embracing all that life has to offer and celebrating the joy of each day. With beauty and poise, hummingbirds move effortlessly from flower to flower savoring the sweet nectar. Fluttering joyfully between her diverse interests, Marjan is constantly evolving and enriching her soul. Whether it’s cooking, dance, yoga, or art Marjan wholly dedicates herself to her craft. She’s perpetually looking to expand her mind and consciousness through connection and enlightenment. Marjan has a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, a black belt in Taekwondo, and is certified in both Kundalini yoga and Zumba dance. When we cultivate our souls, life becomes a wonderland of sensuous delights.



I would like to take this time with pleasure to write about Ms. Marjan Tavakkolian. I have known her for many years and she truly is an inspiration me, to her friends and most everybody around her. She has higher love for soul and her search for intrinsic peace is admirable and continuous. Marjan has practiced many different methods and techniques of soul searching and is very familiar with most everything that is practiced now days. She is very knowledgeable and yet her desire to even learn more is what perhaps distinguishes her most from everybody else I know. She will go out of her way to give a helping hand and take that extra step to be there for friends, family and perhaps those she doesn’t even know. Her friendly attitude, her big smile and her golden eyes brightens days. Her laugh is contagious for sure. She is just full of life. I have attended many of her different classes and loved every one of them. Her house is warm and comfortable. When she makes food she does traditional and creative and is very delicious and delightful. Her hospitality and genuine welcome is sincere and authentic. I am grateful to know her and to be part of her circle. I get energy whenever I am with her. God bless her.
— Azita Amir