Marjan is a certified gong master, specializing in Kundalini vibrations. After experiencing the therapeutic effects of sound therapy, Marjan became a student of the practice and now immerses her clients in calming sound baths. The soothing vibrations quiet the mind and move Prana through our bodies, providing energetic healing. In Kundalini yoga the gong stimulates circulation, while sending listeners on a
journey of calming vibrations.

Marjan also uses crystal and Tibetan singing bowls in her sound meditations. Crystal bowls create tones that affect our chakras, encouraging mental and physical healing. Tibetan singing bowls alleviate stress, putting listeners into a state of deep relaxation. Spirit leads Marjan to heal her students, through deep tones and healing vibrations.




I can’t recall the exact day I met Marjan maybe for the mere fact that it feels like I somehow have always known her!!!
Every one needs to have a friend like marjan!
She brings passion and joy into everything she touches and her zest for life is so contagious that you find yourself smiling and hoping for more!
I have had the pleasure of taking her kundalini yoga classes combined with sound healing of crystal bowls and majestic gongs!
It was an experience I will never forget! The calm and peace that enveloped me during her performance was unreal!
Marjan was born to bring joy into any rooms she walks into and I feel privileged to call her my soul sister! Here is to many more classes of love and enlightenment with her!
— Ladan Rakshani