Marjan suffers from tarantism, the uncontrollable urge to dance!  As a ballroom dancer she competed professionally, and won 9 first place awards under Eddie Alba’s instruction. After a dancing hiatus, Marjan was looking for her next challenge and she discovered Zumba!  As a certified Zumba instructor she brings her infectious energy to all her classes. Marjan motivates her students with accessible choreography and her trademark charisma. She choreographs dances for students on all levels, so beginners can jump right in and experience the benefits of Zumba! Her classes reduce stress, improve flexibility, and make fitness FUN! Marjan teaches classes all over Southern California, and is available for private instruction.

When I signed up for one of Marjan’s dance/ Zumba classes I had no idea I will not only be shaking my booty but getting to experience one of the most fun energizing dance sessions of my life! Not only you get an amazing workout with the most amazing music ever you get a bonus mini meditation at the end of the class! Who knew?
She is truly one of the gems in OC/ Laguna Beach area ...
I myself would sign up for whatever class she holds that’s why after I was informed she was teaching yoga/ gong classes in Laguna I was not walking but running to one!
She is merely a pro in whatever she touches she pours her heart & soul in what she peruses .. she is not only a friend but my soul sister and my mentor!
Anyone would be lucky to have her in their lives. Marjan is an angel 😇
— Niloo Fakhimi