Marjan never saw herself as an artist, until she had the opportunity to study plein air painting in Monet’s house. It was there her soul awakened and she began to express her personal growth through art. Marjan paints mandalas, designs jewelry, and creates pottery pieces all featured in Laguna Beach,CA  galleries. Art serves as an expression of her meditation, and she believes that creativity has the power to heal. Allowing her soul to create freely, keeps Marjan in the beauty of the moment. Marjan shares her artistic gifts and teaches her students to tap into their creative essence.
She has studied under John Eagle, Mark Kerkoff, Iris Heffes, Jamie Weber, and Paul Heusemmstam.

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Marjan is a warm and generous host, Kundalini yoga teacher, artist and sound healer. Everything I have experienced, where Marjan is the lead, was not only deep and nourishing but also very healing. I recommend Marjan if you want somebody in your life that is passionate, compassionate, understanding and really cares about. She’s also very fun, her laugh is contagious. Anything that she puts together will be worth your while.
— Peace and Love. - Jana