Marjan loves to indulge all her senses, but most importantly taste. A student of the culinary arts, Marjan began her education as a young girl in her mother’s kitchen, and has gone on to take cooking classes on 4 continents. Growing up in France, Marjan gained an appreciation of new flavor profiles, and learned to savor her meals. Her cuisine focuses on vegetarian fare, whole grains, and organic ingredients. She loves to reinvent traditional dishes, and put a healthy spin on ethnic fare. Colorful, fragrant, and nutritious meals are her speciality. Her clients enjoy beautiful spreads of sauteed vegetables and homemade sauces with mediterranean flare. Marjan’s dishes aim to feed the body and comfort the soul.

Marjan is a woman who leads with her heart in all areas of life and she is one of the most generous and fun loving people that I have ever met. I have participated in her intimate and soul stirring sound healing sessions as well as her group Kundalini Yoga classes…both of which resulted in much healing and personal growth for me. I have had the true JOY of being able to eat many of the amazing and truly uniquely inspired food dishes that Marjan has cooked up! Her food is infused with the LOVE that she creates it with and it is always such a pleasure to get to eat any of her culinary creations! I am also honored to say that I have several of Marjan’s art pieces that, to me, feel like they are a reflection of the beauty that emanates from deep within her being. Marjan has so many gifts that she generously shares with others. I am honored to know her.
— Lollie Binley