Our sense of touch and ability to move are enhanced by the deep level of relaxation reached in Kundalini yoga.


Known as the “yoga of awareness” Kundalini yoga focuses on consciousness and compassion. Combining postures, breath, and mantras; this school of yoga awakens human potential and holistically strengthens its practitioners. When Marjan first started her practice she noticed that this style of yoga tapped into her spiritual potential and supported her through life’s difficult transitions. There are times when a practice just clicks, and that’s exactly what happened when Marjan began practicing Kundalini. By tapping into her intuition and aligning her chakras, Marjan was able to refocus her energy on her ultimate goal of servicing those in need. Marjan threw herself into studying the art of Kundalini, and its ability to awaken the mind/body connection.

Group or Private sessions available.

I have had the pleasure to know Marjan Tavakkolian for over 5 years now. I am always amazed at how talented she is in so many ways:
A gifted and inspiring Kundalini yoga teacher.
A multi media Artist, Sculpting, Jewelry making, painting and more.
A fantastic chef.
A loving, generous mother, friend, person.
Marjan inspires others to be their best, her zest for life is as contagious as is her beautiful smile.
She has an altruistic concern for those in need, especially children and incorporates helping them in her travels.
Marjan creates a safe, beautiful, fun haven with her healing gong, bowls and ENERGY..
She is a real team player too, surrounding herself and being supportive of other talented women.
Marjan lights up the room and will light up your heart.
As my Mentor don Miguel Ruiz says “ Every human is an Artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.”
Marjan Tavakkolian will help you create your own personal dream.
— Lina Carruth, Spiritual Guide

Marjan has the most beautiful and generous soul. You walk out of her class with your heart lifted and spirit renewed.
— Amy Kramer